PLEASE....bring your livestock in as early as possible. Broken gates, flat tires, & escapees can greatly delay sorting and processing your cattle - late arrivals can't be worked in the dark. Our crew puts in long days as it is, we appreciate your effort to be early. 

Weigh cows and bulls start at 10 am followed by sheep and goats at 11 am. Baby calves, pigs and bred cows, followed by the feeder cattle at 11:30 - 12:00.

Next Special Horse Sale is October 2, 2021 Tack begins @ 10 am, followed by horses @ 1pm. Receiving horses 12 -5 on Friday, or 7 am - noon on Saturday.

WE ARE HIRING, need 4-5 people for work in the yards. Hours would be every Thursday, and some Wed and Fri hours if you are available.
Weeks with 2 sales (horse sale or special calf sales) would be extended to Saturday also. Not a horseback riding job.

Next week - September 30 - Special Sheep & Goat Sale and our regular sale Early consignments include 1 Polypay ram, 4 Suffolk Rams, and 30 Charolais cows.

​Call Dan for information or to consign: 970-874-4612

Upcoming Sales
Thursday October 7 - Regular Sale
Thursday October 14 - Regular Sale
Thursday October 21 - Regular Sale
Thursday October 28 - Special Sheep & Goat sale, along with butcher cow and bulls, and bred cows. Feeder calves will sell on Saturday.
Saturday October 30 - Special Feeder Calf Sale