Attention all customers - COVID19 procedures

Our intention at this time is to maintain our regular sale schedule. In order to do this, for the safety of all concerned, we will place the following stipulations on our sales. If you do not need to stay, please return home. We are now at 30% capacity in the arena, so we may allow a FEW spectators, but still want our buyers to have first priority. Customers may want to exercise the option for viewing and bidding online. Our auction is broadcast weekly on You will need to register and create an account. If you want to bid online you will need to do this at least 24 hours in advance to allow time for the approval process. Our cafe will be open to 50% capacity as of May 27.

Customer and employees, if you are feeling sick, PLEASE remain at home. Consignor checks are mailed Friday at noon, if you cannot wait for the mail and wish to pick it up, please do so when our office is not busy to limit your exposure. If you aren't comfortable with that, please call the office and someone will meet you in your vehicle in the parking lot to deliver your check.

Remember - the best prevention for illness is frequent hand washing.....please do so and make use of hand sanitizer when water is not available.

PLEASE....bring your livestock in as early as possible. Broken gates, flat tires, escapees can greatly delay sorting and processing your cattle - and late arrivals can't be worked in the dark. Our crew puts in long days as it is, we appreciate your effort to be early. 

Weigh cows and bulls start at 10 am followed by sheep and goats at 11 am. Baby calves, pigs and bred cows, followed by the feeder cattle at 11:30 - 12:00.
Next Special Sheep & Goat Sale July 30, 2020 - Also Farmer and Rancher Appreciation Luncheon is still on - so join us for free lunch.
July 2 and 9 - NO SALE Have a great 4th of July
July 16 - Regular Sale along with a special feeder calf sale. Early consignments include 70 250-350# feeders.  At this time we will determine if we will continue with sales every other week, or if we will return to a weekly sale schedule, depending on the weather and local pasture conditions. 
Next Special Horse sale is scheduled for Saturday August 1. We are expecting a very large sale, so will be starting tack earlier at 9 am. If you have a large amount of tack to consign, please bring it in on Friday. NOTE: We don't know what our crowd limits will be by then, but be aware we may not be able to allow family groups kids and extra spectators may not be able to attend.
Zane O'dell Fundraising link to CCA
Call Dan for information or to consign: 970-874-4612